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Top 4 Natural Memory Boosters

01 Sep Top 4 Natural Memory Boosters

Do Big Pharma’s memory boosters work?

Patent medicine companies have seen the enormous market for Alzheimer’s disease treatment and have introduced several patent medicines, the best of which have only marginal effects. But of course prevention—not treatment—is always best, and patent medicines are notoriously poor at disease prevention. Despite their poor track record, patent medicine companies are legally “allowed” by los federales to advertise their anti-Alzheimer’s treatments, which—at a very high price—give virtually no results.

Meanwhile, los federales have literally made it illegal for companies selling much less expensive memory boosting vitamins, minerals, and botanicals to tell the truth about solid scientific research concerning these products and Alzheimer’s disease prevention.

Fortunately, it’s still “legal” for me to tell you about scientific research, so let’s take a look at just some of the research about natural substances and Alzheimer’s disease prevention, as well as research about potential memory treatments.

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